Dear Plastc: It’s been nice not knowing you.

Well folks, I’ve done it. I recommended a product I shouldn’t have, and it’s time I owned up and told you how Plastc has lost my confidence.

Plastc was supposed to be every card in your wallet. It was supposed to be a modern marvel, displaying barcodes, serving as a MagStripe, EMV and NFC payment mechanism. It was supposed to replace your static RFID keyfobs for dormitories and offices. It was supposed to have a 1-month charge, and refill wirelessly. And it was supposed to ship in Fall of 2015.

plastc_perspectiveNo, wait… it was supposed to ship April 29th. Oh, and if you pre-order, you’ll save money because they won’t charge you the subscription fee they will be charging newcomers to the platform after it launches.

No, wait… it is supposed to ship Summer 2016. But it won’t support barcodes, EMV, or RFID until… who knows when. And it won’t charge wirelessly.

Well, I’m done waiting. Plastc’s failure to keep to stated timelines, constant backpedaling on features and implementation of new money-grabs has shaken my confidence in the company. It’s just like the fine folks of the videogaming world have been telling us: Pre-Ordering stuff like this absolves companies of their responsibility to produce a solid product, as long as the pre-orders keep flowing in. While some companies deliver on Pre-orders fantastically (I’m looking at you, RPMWest), Plastc Inc has no track record we can point to and trust. Their card was a great idea when it was first proposed, but now it seems less feasible than it did when the project launched 3 years ago. And I’ve more than once worried that it was becoming a scam.

What’s worse is that Plastc is not treating it’s consumers with any respect. In the wake of their latest production delay, they offered no form of compensation or incentive to current backers. My recommendation on this blog and elsewhere had generated them over $10,000 in pre-orders, yet they refused to accomodate a request I made to have my cards paid from referral revenue instead of my credit card. And they did not make it clear that they were cutting features like wireless charging when they announced the change.

I am withdrawing my recommendation of Plastc to our fans. If you pre-ordered one based on my previous recommendation, I am sorry that I pulled you into this. I recommend you do what I did, and cancel your order– but if you still believe Plastc might deliver a decent product, I hope I am wrong and you are right. And I wish you all the best with it.

Oh, and you can still support this blog if you pre-order Plastc through this link. But I don’t recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Dear Plastc: It’s been nice not knowing you.”

    1. Thanks Asher– when we get it wrong, we admit it. Even if it goes against our bottom line, because if you can’t trust us, we are nothing. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll consider subscribing so you catch our upcoming posts!

  1. Just read this and now I feel sick to my stomach because I JUST put in my pre-order!!! Is there absolutely NO legal recourse if this does pan out to become a scam of some sort? I would like to pull out now but I also would like to experience this great technology if it ends up producing after all. It just sucks! Anyone with legal advice, even on a class action lawsuit, perhaps? It may just end being that.

    1. Doubt it would go that way– you are entitled to request a refund, and they will give it to you. Given that, proving damages seems unlikely. But I’d be happy to throw in on a class action if one were to happen.

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