Karvt Skins to protect your tech

Today, technology is– necessarily– disposable. Doubling in speed and power every 18 months or so means that a replacement will be worth it sometime in the next few years for traditional computers, smartphones, and even tablets. But if you can extend the life of your device by keeping it in good shape, that means holding on to it longer– and having a better replacement when it finally is time. Doing so minimally and beautifully is the idea behind a line of products from Karvt.DSC_0176

Technical Specifications

Materials: Bamboo Wood, Adhesive

Thickness: Approximately 3 mm

I got an email while back from Rio Burton, who works with Karvt: A laser engraving studio out of Colorado that makes and etches wooden device skins. He sent me a bamboo cover for my macbook, and I installed it and have been using it for the last couple months. The skin is about 2 millimeters thick, and somewhat flexible with an adhesive on the underside. In fact, the first time I applied the skin, I misaligned it. It peeled off with some effort, but reapplied without issue and I was quite happy with the result.DSC_0175

This skin did protect one side of my mac against a few nicks and scratches, and was great while it lasted. I say while it lasted because my Mac had to have the screen replaced due to a hardware problem, and I wasn’t able to get the skin off the computer at the store. I did get it started, but after a couple of months use, it was adhering so strongly to the laptop that I was worried I might crack the screen trying to peel the cover loose.  Ultimately, I decided to let it go with my macbook– and now, it’s gone.DSC_0177

For a couple months, this skin classed up my laptop very nicely. And that’s not even with a custom designed etching, Karvt’s specialty. So, give them a look for your next iPhone or Samsung case– from a House Lannister Lion to a Beautiful carving of Ganesh case, or  and if you have good luck with laptops, maybe a skin too. This one held up well, and I never had to worry about it coming off– which is why it was lost. But it was damned pretty while it lasted.


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