Bolt Action Bourbon Pens

My Brother, Dad and I share a lot: from our irreverent sense of humor, our inability to walk away from facebook arguments, and especially our love of whiskey.  So last Winter, Dad gave me a gift: a Bolt-Action ballpoint from to match one I previously gave my brother. And rather than wait for Matt to send him one, he bought himself one for good measure.  After including it in my everyday carry or for eight months now, I’ll say it: this is my favorite pen.

DSC_0224Technical Specifications

  • Bolt Action Bourbon Pen
  • Made from: Oak, Copper, Zinc, Bronze
  • Length: 13.5 cm (5 3/8 inches)
  • Weight: 47.7 g (1.7 ounces)

At nearly 50  grams, this pen has some serious weight to it. It’s rugged, and makes for a great conversation starter every time I pull it out. And above all, it’s beginning to show some patina. This is what I would call the awkward teenager stage for this pen: The wooden barrel, crafted from the childhood home for a batch of Woodford Reserve, has begun to darken as it absorbs the oils from my hand. Thegunmetal finish has begun to knick through and expose a less-sheened interior, and the copper nose is even further in this process.

One thing to note about these pens is that they come with a ballpoint pen insert, but I recommend making the upgrade with a Parker Gel Rollerball. Parker inserts work with these pens quite nicely, and greatly enhance the writing experience. Frankly, it would be a waste to use the included ballpoint insert in these phenomenal pens.

DSC_0218 This pen is made for wealthy grooms looking to give a gift to their groomsmen. They’ll never appreciate it the way you do, but at least they can never whine and bitch that you cheaped out on a groomsmen gift. It’s not for recovering alcoholics. Last thing they need is a reminder of how amazing bourbon is. Check out the hardware more below.



DSC_0227 DSC_0235 DSC_0234

Price: $59

From:  Bourbon Pens.

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