Everyday Carry: What’s in your pockets?

Every morning when I get ready for the day, this is what I plan to bring with me.  If I’ve left something behind, I’m going to have to turn around and go get it. This week, instead of an in-depth-analysis on one thing I carry or use, I’m going to give you a quick review of the stuff I have with me for everyday carry, in approximate order of descending size.


  1. Macbook Pro 13 inch, 2012 Retina model. It works, and should last until I feel like I need a new laptop. It is worth mentioning that the battery lasts all day, so I don’t bring my charger with me everywhere– although I keep an extra at work. (top right)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. It used to be one of the Android powerhouses, and still performs admirably: But Samsung’s failure to push out software updates has me a bit unhappy about it. (bottom left)
  3. 3rd Generation Kindle, in Amazon brand booklet case with built in LED. I love reading on a Kindle, and use the booklet case to protect this e-reader– although if I’m reading for very long, I usually detach the case so I can enjoy how light the kindle is. Newer versions are lighter and thinner, but as long as this bad boy from 2010 keeps working, I don’t see a need to buy another. (bottom right)
  4. Moleskines in Saddleback Covers. Reviewed previously, I love the covers– but honestly am considering switching to Rhodia when I fill these up. One is a journal, the other is for handwriting practice. I need it. (Coffee brown top left, Charcoal bottom middle.)
  5. Retap Water Bottle. It’s glass, never leaks, and makes me feel fancy. (center)
  6. Keys. The keychain is a brass dog-leash style fastener that I picked up at Lowes four years ago. (top, mid-left)
  7. Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Eight months old, looks and works great. I keep the Body Glove case on it to keep it safer. It’s like a Galaxy S5, but smaller with better hardware-feel.  (top left of Macbook)
  8. Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet. Only had it a couple weeks, I’ll let you know more when I have a more formed impression of it. (bottom left of Macbook)
  9. Fitbit Charge. I need to exercise more, and this tells me that. Wish it kept charged longer. (top left of Macbook)
  10. Bolt-Action Bourbon Pen.  I put a Parker Gel refill in this thing, and it writes great. More on that in a later post. (left side of Macbook)
  11. Cross Fountain Pen. Previously reviewed, it has since been replaced by Cross due to a problem with the old one’s clasp. Still breaking this one in, but I love it.
  12. Skull Candy Headphones. They work, but I usually break or lose a pair twice a year.
  13. Square Reader. They’re free, and come in handy as a tutor.All that stuff has to go somewhere, so I pack it into my Saddleback Briefcase.

DSC_0208It fits nicely. I actually usually keep my phone, one of the pens, and a few other items (the ones on the Macbook above) in my pockets, but there’s plenty of room in the bag.

It can be challenging to mix blacks, silvers, golds and browns together– but I think it works out.DSC_0211

I’m definitely going to have to give this Bourbon Pen (below) a full review in the future.DSC_0209And that’s what I take with me everyday! What’s your EDC?


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