If you get a Workman Wallet, you’re gonna want a Tether from Tanner Leather Goods.

Call me crazy, but I love hand me downs. The very nature of hand-me-downs is exactly what typifies ideal purchases: After an item has lived through its intended purpose, it still has enough life left in it to be passed on to a new owner. So when my Dad took a trip to San Francisco and was concerned about pickpockets, he purchased himself a Tanner Leather Good’s Workman Wallet made from brown Chromexcel leather.

Dad and I apparently have different philosophies on theft avoidance. My strategy was to keep my wallet concealed and carry almost no cash, while Dad’s was apparently to get the biggest wallet he could find and tether it to his belt. And at 7 inches long and 3 inches wide when fully folded, the Workman Wallet certainly is massive. The tether that he picked up is about two feet of the same leather looping on one end round a belt, and tying on the other around a hole in the wallet. The tether is necessary for such a massive wallet because while you will probably notice if that big piece of quality leather disappears from your back pocket, everyone standing behind you also knows exactly where it is. As is, a good third of the length sticks out of a standard size jean back pocket.

After the trip, Dad decided to go back to his normal wallet, and pass the Workman down to me (along with the tether.) I took it over to Tanner’s downtown Portland location, and asked if they had a matching belt— Grabbing the last in stock. Thanks to wear, The leathers are a bit mismatched in terms of color: Lanyard and Wallet have faded to a lighter brown as they’ve been used, whereas the belt mostly retains it’s fresher, darker stain. But if you fold the belt, it prophesies its own future with a lighter shade that matches the other two pieces. In combination, the color approaches the shade of my Saddleback Classic Briefcase,┬ámaking it an easy choice for my everyday carry.

I’ve long been a fan of Tanner Leather goods for their supply of leather patches and hardware to Tellason Denim, but these are the first pieces I’ve owned from them. Their leather is a perfect balance of pliability and durability for wallets and belts, and I have little doubt that if Tanner explored more rugged areas like shoes and briefcases, they would adapt their process to match. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a better wallet, belt, or combination: So if you’re in the market, be sure to check Tanner out.


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