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Willett Straight Rye Whiskey, Jury Duty
From Wefty’s First Post

Ten thousand nine hundred fifty eight. The the number of days you, my brother, have been alive. For those keeping track, that’s thirty years. When you started this blog, you set out to create a tribute to things that get better with time. And on this day, I wish I could be in Portland Oregon celebrating it with you.

To celebrate, Wefty will be drinking Willet’s Family Estate Straight Rye Whiskey. A 95% rye 5% barley, this high-rye aged 4 years by Kentucky Bourbon Distillery is among my favorites, and hopefully will be among his soon. With a vanilla nose, complex palate and long spiced finish, it’s a fine example of Rye Whiskey. And I hope that my brother enjoys it tonight– I will have to sip a bit alongside you on this side of the country. Perhaps it will take the sting off being summoned for Jury Duty.

So to my brother. To paraphrase Harper Lee, it’s not idealism to believe in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system– that is no ideal to me, it is a living, working reality. A court is no better than each person sitting on a jury.  A court is only as sound as its jury, and a jury is only as sound as the people who make it up. So my advice to my brother: Drink more Willet, show up drunk, and turn the courthouse into a party.


PS: It’s not much yet… But Wefty + Mash may soon adopt a trademark.  In honor of Wefty’s birthday, Here’s a rough sketch of the most current version.

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