Raleigh Denim Jones Original Thins: 8 Month Update

There’s a reason I wear this pair of Jones Original Thins by Raleigh Denim every day: Because they are my favorite pair of jeans. And the more you wear them, the better they get.

Made with an unbleached weft that is closer to a greenish-cream than white, fades progress from a deep indigo to light indigo, to cream. Combining this unique denim with the Raleigh Workshop’s expert construction, which features prominent triple chainstitching, you end up with an absolutely beautiful pair of jeans.

I’ve been wearing this pair for 8 months now, with one wash around 5 months. The whiskers and the honeycombs are some of the most faded areas, likely a result of how many times I sit down a day: Working in a laboratory, I frequently will sit at a desk, get up, tend to a task, and return to the desk– Causing me to physically sit down and stand up very frequently.


The Honeycombs have become very pronounced, and may be my favorite part of this pair. Honeycombs develop behind the knees because of the way they fold, and I think this pair is one of the most pronounced honeycombs I have seen in a long time.

Belt Loops and Coin Pockets
The back, center belt loop of Raleigh Denim is made with a strip of Selvage running down in, and shows the range of color in fades.

A Few more Things
These last few pictures show what it means for a product to get better with time. Solid construction with added embelishments like red chainstitch innards and the signature of the person who made the jeans made it great when it started. As it faded and wore, they became even more beautiful. And the careful construction has prevented the development of crotch-blowout.

Raleigh Denim Workshop probably makes the best pair I have ever reviewed. They are absolutely worth the premium. This same pair is available at Need Supply, though I also recommend checking out Raleigh Denim’s list of Stockists as well.

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