Ebbet’s Field Flannels

While I’m really not that big of a baseball fan, I do like the nostalgia of an old baseball cap, and that’s what drew me to Ebbet’s Field Flannels. Baseball used to be about community; each town had a team, and those teams played against other teams within the region. Over the last several decades, Baseball’s communal feel has been reserved primarily for only the largest cities and markets in America, and teams compete across much further distances. I like the idea of community that old baseball leagues and teams generated, and the old cap is a representation of those sentiments.

The company makes uses a vintage-style flannel fabric to create high-quality replicas of old baseball caps and jerseys. For their hats, they start with researching how the hat was designed during a given year of a team’s existence, then recreates the hat to match the details. The hat you see here is a 1950s replica of the hats that the Buffalo Bisons wore over 60 years ago.

From the outside, you’ll notice the soft felt and bright-white embroidery. That said, the details can best be seen from the inside, where the company uses green satin under the brim. The taping is a soft, white satin. My favorite detail is the goat-hair crown, which gives the hat structure, but allows the hat to move and bend in a more natural way than what you see on most caps today.

Green Satin Brim 
Profile view – Notice how the crown is pliable but sturdy. 

Made right here in America (In Seattle, to be precise)
I hope you enjoyed the article, and if you’re looking for these hats, you can find them at the Ebbet’s Field Store in Seattle. Also, Orvis currently has a selection of these hats on sale for $29 each at this site. Check them out; the offerings change regularly, but they’re the type of hat that will last you for years. You can also find the full range of the currently available hats at ebbets.com. After 8 months of fairly regular wear, mine has only gotten more comfortable, and everything is still in great working order. They run true-to-size, so order your regular fitted hat size.
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