Tellason Ankara after 15 months, 2 washes

At the beginning of October, 2011, I got a promotion at work. I moved from being a cube-monkey to a mobile monkey. You see, at Intel, the higher up you get, the more likely you are to find yourself without a cubicle. This is because they expected you to be in meetings more frequently, so you didn’t theoretically need a physical space to call your own. I was officially a homeless cube-monkey, so to speak.

To celebrate this accomplishment, I picked up a pair of limited-edition Tellason Ankaras from The Woodlands in Portland, Ore., and I wore them every day for about 11 months, and then about 3 days a week for another 4 months. Over this time, I put some serious mileage on the jean. I wore them camping over the summers, I did every chore imagineable, I hauled food back from the farmer’s market. And yes, when I go camping, I sleep in my jeans. You name it, I did it. The first stain happened when my wife dripped honey-mustard off a Pine State biscuit onto my leg. Well, stuff happens. I painted three rooms in our house wearing these pants, and now they’re my chore pants.

Over the time that I had them, I repaired the cuffs where they rubbed against my boots. I also repaired some spots in the crotch, and recently did a re-repair in that region. These jeans were/are amazing. When I say I washed them, what I mean to say is that I filled a basin with some water, added a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap, moved them around gently, and rinsed them off. I then air dried them.

You can see progress pictures on Rawr Denim from when they were 8 months in. You can also see them in their raw state in this post. Some people thought I washed them too early, but I’d almost say I didn’t wash them early enough; my lifestyle meant that I wore through a couple spots, particularly in the crotch area. This means that my neglect shortened the life of the jean. Luckily, I’ve repaired them and will continue to wear them for years to come. I particularly like how honeycombs turned out on these; since they were a fuller cut, I got very pronounced fading behind the knees.

Tellason denim can be purchased at Need Supply, Tellason’s own Online Store, as well as many Brick and Mortar stores across the world.

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions or thoughts, hit me up on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.


9 thoughts on “Tellason Ankara after 15 months, 2 washes”

  1. Brother, you know I love you. But taking a $200 pair of jeans and making them into work pants? Come on! That’s what Unbranded is for!

    Still, the paint makes for beautiful pictures.

    1. Precisely, Sean. What my brother fails to realize is that I got 15 months of solid wear out of these pants before downgrading then to chore status. He would buy an inferior pair of jeans only to instantly downgrade them. It’s all about quality in my opinion, and that’s why I buy the things I do. I get maximum life out of products because it’s part of being a smart buyer.

    2. Matthew :-)) Taking a pair of jeans of Tellason and making them into work pants?
      You burn in hell :-))) (I can joke like that? If not, let me know. Here in Ukraine is just a harmless joke).
      Though I completely agree with you! I wonder how my Tellason Ankara will look after 15 months and two washes?

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