A Tale of 3 Razors Part 2: Harry’s Shave Company

Try this: Go over to my Twitter page. After you’ve followed me, type “Harrys Shave” into the search bar. If you are in the same demographic as me, a promoted tweet from Gillette will launch, probably because Gillette is terrified of what companies like Harry’s are doing: Offering a better product cheaper and more conveniently. Rather than innovate or compete on pricing, they are investing in a campaign aimed at getting you to think yo udon’t spend much on razors so that you won’t consider a (potentially better) alternative. Just how good are these alternative brands? That’s what I decided out to find out in this three part series. a few weeks ago, I reviewed another company’s product and service that was designed to slash your razor budget, and now we’re back with part two: Harry’s Shave

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If you get a Workman Wallet, you’re gonna want a Tether from Tanner Leather Goods.

Call me crazy, but I love hand me downs. The very nature of hand-me-downs is exactly what typifies ideal purchases: After an item has lived through its intended purpose, it still has enough life left in it to be passed on to a new owner. So when my Dad took a trip to San Francisco and was concerned about pickpockets, he purchased himself a Tanner Leather Good’s Workman Wallet made from brown Chromexcel leather. Continue reading

Koch Leather Field Notes Sleeve

A look at Koch Leather’s Field Notes Sleeve

I first came across Koch Leather on Kickstarter. Their project is designed to help them deliver their high quality, hand-stitched leather goods to a larger audience. Presently, everything they sell is hand produced by Josh and Jen Koch (no relation to the Koch Brothers), and this projects’ success will allow them to take their 2-person, hand produced business and make it a fully fledged brand. And they’ll keep the hand-production in the process! Josh was kind enough to let me check out their Field Notes sleeve, and to let me give it away to one lucky reader. Possibly you– Contest in the post!

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Alternative Apparel Label

Alternative Apparel: Eco-Friendly and Comfortable

While I was ordering my Whites Boots from Animal Traffic in Portland Oregon, I had a look through some of the clothing they offered. One brand that stood out to me: Alternative Apparel. We reached out to the company to learn more, and they sent us a few garments to try out. From their hoodies to shirts, their fabrics had fantastic texture and color, but their label carried an important message:

Make a difference with what you wear.

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Check out this awesome Raw Denim Shirt

 Over on the rawdenim subreddit, denim enthusiast and hobbyist Zach (reddit name dorksquad) posted a personal project. Using two yards of a 10 ounce black warp denim with red selvedge ID sourced from Pacific Blue Denim, this shirt has great texture and design. Selvedge ID tags are exposed on the sleeves and a bit on the pocket’s sides. Continue reading


White’s Custom Boots

I got a pretty amazing birthday gift this year. Our parents decided to spend most of their spring out in Portland Oregon to spend time with Wefty and his family. Moving from the suburbs to a downtown apartment resulted in a lot more walking than my parents are used to, and my Dad looked into getting himself a new pair of boots to help with the foot fatigue. He ended up at Animal Traffic, which stocks the ever famous Red Wing Boots, and the somewhat less-known White’s Boots made in Spokane Washington. After relieving his own foot pains, and knowing that I often have similar problems, Dad decided to get me a pair as a birthday gift when I came out for a visit at the end of May.

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A Tale of 3 Razors Part 1: Dollar Shave Club

You’ve probably heard this pitch before: “You’re spending way to much on razor blades.” It’s probably true: Target carries my current razor blades, the Gillette Mach 3, at a price no better than $3 a cartridge. Costco carries bulk packs that bring that figure closer to $2 a cartridge.  No doubt, Gillette (and competitor Schick, for that matter) are making money hand over fist with their blades. Can we get a better deal? That’s what I set out to find out in this three part series. First up, the ever popular Dollar Shave Club. Continue reading


Trip Out West

Took a trip out West, and took some photos while I was there. Lots of stuff I’m planning to review, but I also thought I might share a few of these photos– Some are definately better than others. Which one is your favorite?

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Saddleback Leather Part 3: Spring Travel Update

It’s a busy time of year. After heading to research conferences in San Diego and Pittsburgh, you can consider me exhausted. But today, I got home and had a bit of free time after finishing up some house chores to snap a few pictures of my travel companion: my tobacco brown Classic Briefcase from Saddleback. Continue reading


Wolverine 1000 Mile– Boots which surpass their name

The average American walks around two and a half miles a day. It would take one of us 400 days to walk those 1000 miles, but from what I can tell based on my experience with the Wolverine 1000 Mile Line, these boots might be better named Wolverine 10,000 mile. Wolverine boots are all hand-crafted in Michigan or Missouri. I reached out to the company and they sent me a pair of their flagship 1000 Mile Boot, which uses Horween’s Chromexcel leather– Widely regarded as the best leather available.

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