The Smart Card: Impossible Dream, or Coming soon?

SmartcardReaders may remember when I recommended the Plastc Card. Or when I retracted that recommendation. Well, the story didn’t end then. Plastc declared it’s intention to file for bankruptcy on April 20th 2017. They originally promised a Summer 2015 delivery, but now will be leaving some $9 million in preorders in questionable status.

Plastc’s abrupt exit from the marketplace has left many of their backers frustrated: Many did not pursue a refund when it was an option, and now they are locked in struggles with payment agencies, trying to recover hundreds of dollars apiece. Lawsuits are being explored, and a Facebook support group has cropped up as well. With pent-up frustration and anger, many of the former Plastc backers are understandably suspicious of newcomers into the market.

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A word on Mattresses

I’m sure you’ve been seeing more and more mattress by mail companies popping up, and I have as well. Purple, Casper, Helix and Cocoon to name a few.  Continue reading A word on Mattresses

A Tale of 3 Razors, part 3: The High End Shave Club

Chisel Shave Club wasn’t originally on my list for this series, but they should have been. While their competitors Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s have been focusing on undercutting expensive shaving cartridges you’ll find in the store, Chisel is carving out its place as a monthly box for wet-shaving, double-edge safety razor novices.
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Dear Plastc: It’s been nice not knowing you.

Well folks, I’ve done it. I recommended a product I shouldn’t have, and it’s time I owned up and told you how Plastc has lost my confidence.

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Japanese Classic Selvedge from RPMWest

Denim has a rich history, both as fabric and as pants. Serge de Nîmes, was the original name fort the fabric, translating to “Fabric from Nîmes,” a City in southern France. Traditionally dyed with indigo, this material was first made in to pants in Genoa: The French word for which is Gênes, and the origin of the word Jeans. Today, both Denim and Jeans are a global industry that reflect the complex trade practices of globalization, although some of the best denims tend to come from Japan.  Some of the best jeans are made in the USA from that Japanese import, and that’s exactly what RPMWest did with this pair.
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Karvt Skins to protect your tech

Today, technology is– necessarily– disposable. Doubling in speed and power every 18 months or so means that a replacement will be worth it sometime in the next few years for traditional computers, smartphones, and even tablets. But if you can extend the life of your device by keeping it in good shape, that means holding on to it longer– and having a better replacement when it finally is time. Doing so minimally and beautifully is the idea behind a line of products from Karvt. Continue reading Karvt Skins to protect your tech

Albatross Leather Goods Postal Bag and Wallets

In the days before the Civil War, there was no internet. There was no telephone. There was no radio, there was no telegraph. There were men, horses, and leather bags, riding from point to point ferrying messages back and forth between offices that sorted messages and put them in the next rider’s bag who was heading in the right direction. This simple method allowed a previously impossible feat: A message could leave St. Joseph, Missouri and arrive in San Francisco a mere ten days later. Some bags used for similar purposes in the 1890s and early 1900s still exist today, and Albatross Leather has launched and successfully funded a Kickstarter Project to recreate bags in this tradition.
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